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Less Downtime, Less Headache, More Savings

Managed IT from Sunrise Compuing

Sunrise Managed IT Services lets you save time and money by letting us do all the heavy lifting for your IT needs.

On average each employee waste around 30 minutes a day dealing with computer issues. It could be waiting for it to load a program, it freezing, the printer not working, and other issues that just want to make you bang your head on your desk.

Nows lets do the math. If you have 10 employees thats 300 minutes, or five hours, a day that is unproductive. That means by the end of the year you’ve wasted 1300 hours! Or about 3 weeks of time from each employee. Further hiring an internal IT employee to lower this wasted time is not in the budget, as the cost of the new employee is greater then the money saved from the increased time.

So what can you do to save time and money?

Call Sunrise Computing and ask about their Managed IT Service. This amazing program combines several of our top of the line products into one for a low monthly cost.

Here are some of the benefits on being on our plan

  • Industry leading anti-virus included
  • Priority support and ticket escalation
  • 24×7 monitoring and assistance
  • Launch support request from your desktop
  • A backup and disaster recovery solution that fits your business
  • Discounted Hardware and hourly rates.
  • And more!

Our managed IT has no minimum hours purchased per month. We do a per device cost as a base then give you a discount on any hourly work that may need to be done during the month, meaning this can fit almost any budget.

So get back to doing what you love, running your business, and let Sunrise Computing handle your IT infrastructure!

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