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Computer and Laptop Repair

We could fix this!

It doesn’t matter if you spilt coffee on your keyboard, or dropped your laptop and shattered the screen, we are here for you for all your repair needs. We have serviced and repaired almost every kind of hardware fault you could think of. When you call us we go through these steps to determine if a repair is possible and if its cost effective.

  1. Assess damage. Sometimes all that needs to be done is a deep cleaning of the device, but most of the time if it looks bad, it most likely is.
  2. Assess the age and current cost of the computer. Computers as they get older don’t retain their value well, and sometimes buying a new component can actually cost more then the computer!
  3. Make an action plan. At this point we will bring to you what we’ve found and what we recommend the best course of action is.

Most computers can be repaired in just a few days by one of our technicians if we need to order parts, or the same day if we have them in stock! For quality parts and quick service give us a call today

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Computer Builds and New Work Stations

We can build a computer for you!

Sometimes the best remedy for a broken computer is to get a new one. Here are Sunrise Computing we are fully equipped and qualified to either build you a custom computer to fit your budget or get you an off the shelf replacement. Either option comes with our one year warranty for faulty parts, and a 30 day grace period where if you have any hardware or crashing on your new computer we will diagnose and fix it for free.

Getting a new computer from us also comes with an optional data transfer and back up service that way you don’t have to worry about losing any of your current data.

We also specialize in setting up and configuring servers! A server is a very powerful tool you can have at your disposal. It allows central file sharing, roaming profiles so you can access your data no matter which computer in the office you’re on, allows you to limit what functions employees have on their computers, and much more! Give us a call today and we can discuss if a server is right for your business!